😇👑☕ 《 Un monde merveilleux 》

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--🔶🔷 CHECK OUT MY MINI CHALLENGE IN PREVIOUS POST ♡🔷🔶 JETEZ UN COUP D'OEIL À MON MINI CHALLENGE DANS UN POST PRÉCÉDENT ♡--■ Alice in Wonderland is possibly one of the most mysterious and enchanted books I've ever read. I'm in love with this edition. 💙---■ J'adore Alice au Pays des Merveilles. C'est probablement l'une des lectures les plus enchantées et mystérieuses que j'ai jamais faite. 💙 J'adore cette édition. -- GOOD NIGHT 🌙🌜BONNE NUIT-▪#serialtalesinaugust by @serialbibliophile Day 28 {Sunday Steals} ▪#livelaughbooksaugust by @_livelaughread Day 28 {Don't judge a book by its cover} I know this book cover is so lovely but the book is also awesome. I don't have any example of bad or ugly covers...▪#prettybookselvesaugust16 by @book_self @prettygeekery : Day 29 {book that taught you something} Alice in Wonderland, taught me to keep on dreaming and fighting for my dreams and loved ones.▪#augustofpages by @celinereads @twirlingpages Day 29 {Impulse buy book} This is my impulse buy of the month.

😇👑☕ 《 Un monde merveilleux 》

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