A Study Guide On How To Get Motivation (and Good Grades)

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“Never regard study as a duty but as an enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later works belong."

Albert Einstein

A Study Guide On How To Get Motivation
(and Good Grades)


Hello everyone ! This time I figured out I could write an article in english for my fellow international Instagram Followers (2K followers! it is absolutely awesome!). I have strange ways to study since my personal university itinerary is obviously uncommon because it is all scattered in different branches and accommodated to my handicap. However I can tell you some of my habits while studying or while getting to study or while gathering enough motivation to write a thousand signs on Microsoft Word.

When entering university, or school, or college, we all have a naive dream of boggling the minds of our new teachers and professors with our highest spirit to the point that when we are given the subjects to study (or the objects), we fall apart, doubting, unmotivated, in total dismay.

This frustration you know it. It really exists. It's really there. And sometimes it tourments your guts and you cannot even make a move out there in the world.


How to Start

Don't forget that if you've chosen a certain path, a certain career in your school/uni/college, it's because you have affinities with this domain. So don't dishearten you with daunting thoughts. You had a choice. You chose. Now assume it and work on it. 

The reality of studies VERSUS what you expected to study are two different aspects and you should know you'll often be disappointed. The point is to take any subject or object a professor or teacher gives you and make it PERSONAL. Even if it's mathematics or civil law.

For example, a professor asked you to write a paper/essay on Romantics during the 20th century in the United States and you feel totally helpless thinking your professor is trying to murder you softly but surely. 


Watch Videos

So you should start by relaxing. Drink coffee. Or tea. Eat healthy but good food. Take a nap or something and then, get into the spirit of the subject. As for me I often watch videos around the same subject. On Youtube, you'll find gazillions of videos, official or not official, from BBC or Discovery Channel, from professors happy to share their knowledge, from youtubers eager to make you understand something with a sense of humor.

I also look for movies, documentaries or TV series (like on Netflix or else) which I can borrow at the library, or download from the Internet. I guess watching a movie on Frankenstein helps you grasp the essence of Romanticism in the UK, and that's a good start. If you have a dissertation to write on laws about discrimination, watch movies about famous trials or cases.

Now you can broaden your research to other cultures, countries, peoples.

Read Books

Obviously, I wasn't gonna let you without advising you to READ. It's so important. Whatever that can be, articles, magazines, websites, dictionaries, encyclopedias, novels. Grab your bag and pens and start writing study cards to record your personal notes on what you've read. Reading is PERSONAL. It's subjective. I guess it means nobody feels the same while reading a book. So you should always write about your read. If you have to study Romanticism, start by reading Henry David Thoreau's books, or Walt Whitman's poetry. Underline with bright colors each line that seems important or relevant to you. Don't be too messy, organize your worksheets and read them again and again so suddenly an idea can pop out of your head for your essay. Find biographies, autobiographies, or historical fiction novels, it can help to roam into the universe of a particular period or a particular topic. 


Find communities

We're in an era of social medias, and so we often tend to rely on the Internet to find solutions to our issues. Life IS NOT AS EASY and it's not all bleached and clean. The best way to solve a problem is to ask SOMEONE (IN REAL LIFE). Could be your mom, your grandpa, your cat or your BFF, sharing opinions on a subject is always rewarding and it helps you stay connected to the social world. Because one thing I know when you're in university/college you often disappear behind a huge amount of work and you don't share anything to your family (or they don't care), nor friends. SHAME. You should find someone to listen. Find a working buddy. A group of students. A shelter in a faraway countryside. Whatever. Don't say "Meh. They won't listen, they won't understand". It is selfish. And the best way to learn is to teach others and divulge a subject as understandable as possible. It's called vulgarization. It's good for your future career.

I'll add to all this, that you can find VIA social medias, help through online communities. Forums full of students, or Instagram #hashtagSTUDYSUBJECT, or Facebook groups, or universities online sharing platforms can be ideal for your research. Forget the bullies and focus on your passion. That's all.

 I hope it helped. You'll always find a path to achieve your dreams. Even if you think your mind is broken and lazy, think like a cat, when a cat can insert his head in a hole, it can go through the hole without any trouble.


If you want to share this article, please feel free to do it but credit me and my blog.

See you !

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