KILN ZONE - Sharman Badgett-Young

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Available on Amazon Kindle

Available on Amazon Kindle


In short :

《 Well-written, suspenseful, detailed, highly enjoyable ! 》

□ To begin with, I know Sharman Badgett-Young from the bookstagram community (instagram @pacificnwauthor here) and I really wanted to read her books because I like detective novels.

□ At first, I'd started reading 2 chapters this summer but could not finish due to lack of motivation. This 2017 Winter, I decided I'd go back to reading this book on my Kindle App.

□ I was thrilled by the plot from beginning to end. Even though I am a french native speaker I found that Sharman Badgett-Young has her very own particular writing style. I could enjoy and grasp the meaning of every sentences, so I'll advise my French readers to grab this ebook as soon as possible because the vocabulary is not too metaphorical and had no "detective-novel-oriented slang" and emphasized North American jargon that I could not understand. It was all fine.What's more... It's fast paced, easy to read and short enough to make you feel the pleasure of a quick read but a quick and pleasant read. The world of pottery is carefully and meticulously described, the author has brought many details to her story and we see she knows well about pottery. I was confused on guessing who could be the "guilty one".

□ At the end, the story ends up quite easily, the turnover is smooth and discrete and did not flabbergast me. I think the reason is because we did not know about the real motive for the "guilty" person to act in such a bad way since the very beginning of the novel,- it would have helped bringing the suspense to a peak,- and I found a lack of depth in some characters (but at least Anders and Marca were charming). Although, I couldn't identify myself to Matthew and Alice (she made me angry against her, and I don't know why I didn't like her...). In some ways I think the author puts a lot of her own personality in Marca's character.

□ Overall, the suspense was here. I guess I grasped the essence of this good detective story. I loved how it has been written and how nicely we are led to believe that something is not the way it is, and then the story takes another completely different path.

□ This story made me want to read more about Sharman B.Young writing works and her second novel seems even better (as I read the 2 first chapters at the end of this amazon Kindle ebook).

□ Final grade : ♡♡♡ 15.5/20

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